12 - 18 Years Old
High Performance

Players who enrolled in our High Performance Program are fully committed athletes who are usually plan to pursue their careers as tennis players. An evaluation period is required for the players to be accepted in this program. Each athlete will maximize their potential on their technique, tactic, physical and mental endurance. Goal setting periodization, match play and progression will be monitored closely.

Class Highlight

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Hendrawan Susanto

Where there is a will, there is a way.
Indra Hermawan

Fun but decipline and passionate. Able to give technical correctioning to all level of play with more fun using old or modern methods.
Martin Setiawan

Coaching is my life, there are no other better rewards than seeing my own student improve and grow inside and more important, outside the court.


The Sultan Hotel

Jl. Gatot Subroto Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta 10002


  • SPORTAMA - How To Do a Proper Kick Serve

  • SPORTAMA - How To Check Your Proper Contact Point

  • SPORTAMA - Tips To Beginner Red Ball Tennis

  • SPORTAMA - Backhand Slice in Tennis

  • SPORTAMA - Warming Up Session

  • SPORTAMA - Tennis Volleys Technique


Passionate for Indonesian tennis development, caring staff and family atmosphere was combined to make Sportama a beautiful and unique training environment.

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