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The mission of SPORTAMA Tennis Foundation is to support, monitor and promote programs that enhance the lives of at-risk children through the integration of sports and education. 

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    High Performance Player

    " " the training in Sportama Tennis Institute is very personalized and I really liked how the coaches pushed me a lot, while make it fun. It was the best of both worlds since the coaches made sure the environment was intense and fun at the same time. " "

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    Rachel Imelda K.

    Jonathan Blaise Kartawidjaja's Parent

    " It was started from light conversation shared between me and my friend, Yola. As usual, we were discussing about kids, food, etc. My son's Jojo has allergic which makes him experiencing runny nose all day, it stops for 1-2 weeks, and it comes again. I'm starting to feel depressed and upset bringing Jojo to doctor, feed him with medicines when the runny nose made him sick. My friend told me about her son, Nathan, used to be like that. It has stopped since he joined tennis. A lot of thoughts came through my mind, what if Jo don't want to wake up or becomes cranky or don't want to move at all. Amazingly, Jojo enjoyed his lesson so much, he likes private lesson better, and he woke up early without any drama between us. During Christmas holiday, he kept asking me to bring him to tennis lesson. His health has improved a lot since he joined tennis. He has better concentration, focus, confidence in his study. We used to be caught in a long exhausting drama whenever its time to do homework, study, piano, anything. For the past few months, he has been studying by himself, and he has no more runny nose and cough bothering him. Hence, he has improved his appetite, and eat a lot more, it was done without drama between us. I hope my sharing can help other kids experiencing "never ending runny nose". "

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    Teguh Hariyono

    Putri Sanjungan Insani Parents

    " Website Sportama jadi era baru bagi pertenisan nasional dalam hal tertib pendaftaran serta komunikasi informasi yg memanfaatkan kemajuan teknologi komputer, semoga bisa makin disempurnakan demi kemajuan pertenisan nasional. "

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    Jul 2019



Sportama - We are back again for our 2nd SUMMER TENNIS CAMP 2019Date: 8-12 July 2019 (5 days camp)Venue: Sultan Hotel & ResidenceTime: 8-11 amFee:1 Day Camp.| IDR 400.000,-3 Days Camp | IDR 1.100.000,-5 Days Camp | IDR 1.300.000,-includes snacks and certificates.(minimum of 3 Days Camp will get the certificate)They will be active, learning proper tennis technique and staying healthy.They will improve their fitness and immune system.Our program is for all level, from beginner, intermediate and advanced class. Ranging from 6-15 years old.info & registration:Wynne Prakusya (0811-916-111)info@sportama.com

About Us


As experts in sports management, Sportama is involved in every stage of sponsorships, and managing and organizing of competitions and tournaments.

Sportama also owns institutions where athletes are able to obtain the resources they require, to optimize their performances and achieve their goals in the world of sports.

Our organization was established by a dedicated group of distinguished individuals in the world of Indonesian sports.



To be the key element of success for athletes’ developments, sense of pride, goals and ambitions, so they are able to maximize their quality of life and be well respected.

To teach each of our athletes on how to maximize their potential as an athlete and be a responsible citizen of the society.

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