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Study at a US University. Play For a Great Team. Receive an Athletic Scholarship.

24 March, 2015
Study at a US University. Play For a Great Team. Receive an Athletic Scholarship.

Professional tennis can be a truly rewarding profession. However, there are also different paths to go with your skills and passion for tennis, and receiving a US university education and degree is an incredibly valuable thing for your career as well as life. There are over 1,100 US college women’s tennis teams and around 950 men’s. Most offer athletic scholarships to assist with tuition, room and board, and top teams train at world-class facilities and have access to elite coaches, fitness trainers, doctors and physical therapists.   Many top players also use college tennis as a time to train and develop themselves until they feel ready to compete on the pro tour. Elite Sports Asia founder Alan Ma and his international coaching staff have 30 years of experience working with top juniors and pros and have extensive expertise in helping each individual player find his or her own ideal path, whether that be on the tour or placement at a top team and school. Last year’s Showcase featured the head coaches of Purdue University, University of Oregon, University of Colorado, University of North Texas, University of Central Florida, among many others.

Join Elite Sports Asia and top US university team coaches from all over the country for this special event hosted at the world-class Chateau Star River in Guangzhou, China. Gain access and exposure to a range of universities and sports programs and find one that best meets your academic and athletic needs and abilities. Be on the path to achieving your dreams!

Date: July 15-18, 2015

Location: Chateau Star River – Guangzhou, China

Age Requirement: High school 9th grade – University sophomore

Fees: 4,500 RMB / player (about $730 USD, 3 nights hotel & meals included)

*It will be a competitive application process as we expect  more applications than spaces available. Clients of our private consulting program will be given priority. For those   who are not clients,   we will consider   ranking and tennis history.

For more details on the showcase and our private program, please contact:

Cecilia Tang    ceciliat@126.com   +86 189 1113 3631


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