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Five Rules for Developing a Tennis Player Under 12 years

21 January, 2016
Five Rules for Developing a Tennis Player Under 12 years

The biggest mistake made in developing an elite tennis player is that the  fundamental and development years(8-12 years) are rushed the minute the kids gets a result or two. in these years, competition can actualy be more of a course than a blessiing. Parents  (and tennis coaches) get carried away that their kid is winning. it seems that patience and takes over the actual goal of the plan

let’s not forget that more than 70% of kids give up their sport before the age 13, mostly because of burn out and pressure – adn without apology, i blacme the parents for this remember for junior tennis players under 12, they sould:

1. Stay the course, follow the long term development plan. If you don’t have one, then find a tennis coach who does.

2. Focus on developing the athlete. They should be spending at least 40%-50% on other athletic skills and games.

3. Compete, but the goal must be focused on working on the game (technique, tactics, mindset), not results.

4. Limit competitions (no more than 30% per year)

5. Best monitor of progression is what I like to call the ‘fun-o-meter’. Keep developing technique skills, as well as their athletic development for progress – and not a tennis ranking sheet.


by Tennis Academy Jakarta

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